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Construction of the church in Pozzallo 2001 - 2002



Restorations of the churches' San Giorgio



San Pietro and San Giovanni Evangelista in Modica


Church of  S. Francesco d'Assisi all'Immacolata

Caltagirone - has 24 churches



Restorations of the churches in the provinces of Ragusa, Siracusa, Caltagirone, Catania and Messina  -  Reconstruction of the churches in Pacchino and Rosolini



Erection of a prehistoric, scientific park in the “Valle di Noto “ 


In the area south - east - Sicily plans we in the “Valle di Noto “, world-culture-heritage, in connection with the historic city of Syracuse (Siracusa) and under help of the EU a nature historic open-air-museum with the renovation of the baroque churches and buildings from before and anuses Christian - Time and one integrated prehistoric, scientific parks with skin-near touch methods for children and grown-ups.


The historic, architectural and monument-protected buildings would like to restore the diocese of the two provinces Ragusa and Siracusa and the bishop of Noto in the hinterland of the Valle di Noto, widen or develop and renew the world-culture-heritage. The existing, previous structures should become develop and are widened the Valle di Noto for a promotion of the entire European union.
In the partner-chip-procedure, they would like to promote the historic extension with other dioceses and would like to produce at global promotion for the entire region, on this occasion the EU shall - support (assistance) anuses the ideas of the diocese directly from Brussels takes place.


The Valle the Noto not only stands under one particular architectural and historic meaning but is also used purpose for tourism visibly and were developed through private-initiatives. (baroque - culture – tourism) By the Italian government, the area was already explained under the law 1089 to this.


The island of Sicily has annually approximately 12 million tourists - overnight stays, with which the lion-share refers to the east of the island.


The reason-idea for the entire installation is based on the in principle climbing interest of the public in topics of the science, especially such, that have to do with the history, formation and development of the life on our earth.


- “Big Bang“  Water–ice age, fires–vulcan, wind - modern times


- Formation of the seas and continents


- From the water on the country - plants and animals conquers new terrain


- A success-story permanent 150 million year. From the life and dying of the dinosaurs


- Conquest the air; from flight-dinosaurs and birds


- The big cold. There were ice ages in the course of the geology frequently


- From the trees on the ground; like originated the human being


These topics reach enormously big interest of wide population strata, in all media (TV, film, video, electronic media. newspapers, magazines and books)


The history of the development of the life on the earth and his natural bases comprises the exciting chapters of the sciences. Through a the visitor actively in the topic including muse-ales concept and “skin-near “presentation by means of a museum-pedagogic reason-idea meets completely unknown aspects of this topic the visitor–in playful way should be arranged knowledge unobtrusively. So-called edutainment favours visitor-reactions like surprise or astonishment in order to reach through it as well as a conversation-value also like knowledge-increase.


The Valle di Noto with his high cultural value and the bizarre volcano-landscape of the Ätna offers an ideal location for the erection an architectural, archaeological, geological and paleontological Open-Air-Museums. The inclusion of the Italian paleontologists is a prerequisite for the development of the concept and the didactic preparation. From the formation of the first creatures in the water, the evolution of the vertebrates in the water and on the country by means of life-size scientific models.


On a flatly of approximately 3 km length shall the development of the last 130 million year is represented. In the final-extension, over 150 dinosaurs should become reproduced up to at size of 45 m under scientific management and buildings of the Valle di Noto are renovated. The visitor should receive information over the development of the life on the earth.


The property shall has a size of 15–20 ha, must be furthermore to reach the property over a well developed street as well as over stream and water connection must have.


On the property, the possibility must insist to erect following buildings:


Reception-foyer and shops approximately 1.000 m²


Gastronomy approximately 300 m²


Information-center incl. 2 class-areas, approximately 1.000 m²


Several toilet-installations on the terrain distributed


Becomes itself the most minimal investment costs from approximately 15 Mio €


We assume it, that approximately we will manage thirty to forty new duration-jobs


We require 150.000 visitors business management annually


The church, cultural and museum-pedagogic service becomes with practical co–does–activities for children and grown-ups the visit of the installation to an exciting, but also instructive experience, that not only tourists but also the native population will fill with enthusiasm, makes.


World-wide, the development of the life could be represented on our planet in a gigantic park consequently for the first time–from the formation of the life until 
to the destruction through earthquakes in the Valle di Noto until to the super - high - technology–earthquake-measurement at the Ätna. With it could one, from it effect and radiation, far over the borders of Italy stretching effect is created.


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