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A summer-day in Marina di Modica (Sicily)

Copy of a letter of a friendly couple from Sicily on the occasion of the birthday of my wife to the topic:
Remain during the three summer-months in the tourists locates “Marina di Modica “, approximately 5 km west from Pozzallo lain. Ridge the supposition arose, our friends would have stolen the character the cabaret approximately , however the character mirrors - true to the original - the true life, the mentality and way of life of the mediterranean again–exactly so - like we this southern flair loves.
Summer-days in Marina di Modica–Sicilia in July 2001
Hello, dear  lrene and Rudi!

This is a present report from the summertime in Marina di Modica. Our house is populated at the moment strongly, with many children and grown-ups, also the grandparents are there. But not only this house but all round as well as the entire place. There no longer much of silence and vacation is to B sensed, in the morning about 6 00 h the day begins with noise and terraces hoses down, toilet rinses, turmoil, showers, children shouting, rendering plasters, kitchen-working and similar things. It gives therefore with us already about 8 00 h breakfasts. Previously, all windows and doors are opened generally like it goes. (If they were not already open) At the latest about 9 00 h everything must be well taciturn again, otherwise it becomes unbearable in the house. Outdoors, it is approximately 29° in the shadow meanwhile, (according to Benns special-thermometer) with moderate or not any wind. I take care of the housework in the semidarkness and as few as possible. Between 10 00 h and 12 00 h, I go into the water, but only here to the small cliffs. The water is back generally that pure-goes one great and can swim. (Temperature 26°), Between twelve and one, there is only a warm lunch ace always we hardly have no appetites with the heat, bed rest is announced anuses it until helped four provided one leaves us.
Comes about this time, 13 00 h, the Italians with the children of the beach promptly, first, one showers off then, romped, shouting, bawled and eaten, (14.00 h) but then that have also at high noon-silence. From 16 30 h, one can sense lives again, everywhere. We drink a good coffee to the awake-development and get going to the sandy beach, because the temperature shows full 35° in the shadow meanwhile - a monkey-heat - we has only thirst. One can endure it almost only in the water, probably we dry up. Parasol has become duty at the beach. So against 19 00 h, one is at home again, take a shower then again, (stream is there hopefully), moves, eats and rests. From 22 00 h, the mail comes off here so right then. Begins then to play the noise and the music loudly again everywhere - from the piazza, from the city-beach, from all radios and outside-TVs of this world and the migration in direction piazza and corso begins. There, giant-racket is with merry-go-round every evening, booths, ice dares, french fries-booths and so on. There, all present inhabitants are to be found. A crazy crowd. We make it for us on our roof-terrace with vino, water, vodka fantas or other delicious matters comfortably then. We get the noise to it gratis. About this time, the dinner begins with a neighbor-family. Plates clatter, children screech - of course everything outdoors and quite active. Mopeds and Vespes rush through the street. Teenagers discuss and it is very comfortable all together. If then so we against 0 30 h - 1 00 h to bed goes that is still Italian family with the sweet offspring ettes on the way. Goes the dear small the peaceful to bed gets you from the first sleep then again. But then night-silence is someday as said, until 6 00 Mr. Sees once, as we the survival, if our youth is here - likely routine: sweats, rains hard, puts down, thirst has, something sits down or maybe only raises, into the sea goes, something eats - maybe however no hunger and again then anew; sweats, rains hard, low-lies, raises.........

The poor Benno has worked with this monkey-heat as well, the roof-terrace too done, with a painter the big room renovates, the low terrace cancelled and above the small room junked and cleared. I only always need clean afterward does. We have transferred shopping into the evening-hours, because of the heat.
So, now knows your, as we are caused here by the summer.

Two days later: We has only 28 - 30° at the moment in the morning and in the afternoon 32-39° in the shadow. In the house, it is with 26 –28°. mostly the most coolly. Lets it go you well and doesn't forget Sicily.

Today is Tuesday of the 24.7. and the letter is still there. Therefore, I can still write something to it - God be thanks the big heat past. The summer has returned to normal. (Cold spell) The temperatures stick with 35–38° in the sun, at noon, and that is agreeable, at the beach however also at home. The wind murmurs a little bit to the refrigeration, very pleasantly and at night we can sleep again, so and so. Please me on the August with agreeable 50° already. It shall even its more warmly only at the Ätna , family Fede was with friends near Taormina – that lets off steam thoroughly at the moment. We are tense, whether our daughter at the 4.8. at all here can land. So, is now told however sufficiently really. We see ourselves in the autumn. I go to the beach and think of you, Benno has no desire.

Ciao, your B & B from Sicilia
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