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Erection of residential -, vacations - and age-apartments in South-East-Sicily

In a small framework, we build in the south - eastern region of Sicily, after the wishes of the customers houses for single-families, vacations- or villas, also with small apartments, (maximum four apartments per villa). The style inside gets the bearings with the extension by the North European style.

The houses or apartments have a living area of 60 m² until approximately 200 m² and are erected near tourism-areas. Detached single-families - and villas are built with property-sizes from approximately 
400 m² - 10.000 m². Of course, also a singles-pool or a swimming pool can be intended as community-installation.

Examples house 1: - Casa Pantalica - with one approximately 60 m² apartments up to in a villa.

The houses should be used also by older people as age - or winter-apartment. The temporary construction costs should amount to according to own-performance (hobby-craftsperson) and production from.

We look for customers that the houses buy and uses or the houses ace waves ace apartments rents.

Examples house 5: - Casa Enna - left half - house with approximately 100 m²,
right with approximately 80 m², apartment praises from

Prerequisite: The houses don't lie directly at the beach - here is valid other regulations. The governments want no mass-tourism in big hotel-installations, otherwise we would to fly home again !!!

Photos of the beach-section at the south-coast of Sicily between Marispica, (Marina di Ispica) and Pozzallo - the entire interrelated sandy beach-length at the south-coast is long more than 100 km - interrupted from smaller reefs, rocks and cliffs. In Pozzallo, you find all facilities of the daily life, a marina for sport-boats, yachting and a harbour with ferries to Malta. The next hospital is in Modica. With your support, one can also gulfs later !!!!

Investments with money - get back - guarantee: We seeks investors and incorporators to the

 - Construction and business of a golf course with houses directly at the fairway, property's areal approximately 120 ha

 - Build and business of an energy-park with alternative energies, property-size approximately 40 ha

 - Construction, business and distribution of an autonomous vacation-village near Marina di Ragusa with all essential- and leisure time-facilities. 
   Property-size approximately 160 ha

We erect each house anuses the ideas of the buyers individually. Anuses the ideas of the approving authority, the houses shall have at cousin from approximately 80 m²s and 300 m²s doesn't exceed. With attic-finishes, for example further 50 or 100 m² can be used as residential - or dormitories.

Examples house 4: - Casa Vittoria - 
with approximately 170 m² floor areas from 

You live and live in no urbanisation but mixed with Sicilians and North-Europeans together - just like with your neighbours in Northern Europe.

Live 8: (left) - Villa Ragusa with approximately 100 m²,
from  €


Live 9: ( right) - Villa Siracusa with approximately 200 m²,
shares apartment, from €

We are helpful obvious also with the search after rustics, agricultural properties or trade-objects or know objects, that are on the agenda for sale, like for example:

- Used-real estates - shells - offers -

Left: Rustic Dott. Gunta with approximately 1 ha property
Right: Rustic Pina with approximately 2000 m² property

Establishing of contact - Inquiries at following contact-addresses:
Ing.-Gemeinschaft B W R & Partner
D - 84141 Landshut / Geisenhausen
Tel.:         +49 - (0) 8743 - 1070
e-mail: rumpf2000@gmx.net


Società di Ingegneri B W R & Partner
I - 97016 Pozzallo / RG - Sicilia
Tel.:        +39 -  0932 -  95 62 61