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Erection of alternative energies in South-East-Sicily 

Planning and erection of an wind-park for modern energy-extraction with photovoltaic and / or solar-energy

On whole Sicily it gives no wind-park for modern energy-extraction until now.

The bulk of the energy consumption of our projects and the golf course (stream, water, heater, refrigeration, heat-recovery, irrigation and drainage), shall generated with alternative-energy, collector-technology and photovoltaic.

Itself would become additional a total-push excess for the communities Pozzallo, Ispica or Scicli as well as die Provinz Ragusa of

ca. 1.000 KW / Windmachine

yields, that is the entire energy needs of the south - east's of Sicily would be expected through alternative energy covered at approximately 300 days.

With the first and input-planning, we looked for an installation-size of 15 machines with 600 kW per installation and an consumption gone out of 7 - 10 KW/h per day.
In the meantime, we could the overalls capacity on approximately 15 - 20 MW prolongs – extensive would be possible at overalls capacity from approximately 40 installations and more.

Expected investment costs:

approximately     €     10,3      until      12,8 Millionen

Participations from                                                                                    €   13.000
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