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Dear tidings,

since we are no real estate - and broker's office, we have preferred it in the meantime to take from the publications of used-real estates in the Internet distance. These publications and continuous updatings make ready not only very much work, we are also tirednessly it to fill the collector-wardrobe for a typical brochure-collector with constantly new wishes. Used-real estates are simply used-real estates and we the house - or property-sizes doesn't can after likes alters. We ask you to show understanding for this and to excuse the form.

If somebody is interested seriously in a property, he/it can like to sit down with us in connection and can inform us of his/its wishes like house-size, living area or property-size, above all however his address and telephone number - just like it in the normal correspondence also usually is and not only any fictitious addresses or mails - addresses.

Subsequently some pictures from again - and used-constructions, some can immediately be covered:

We have something in our uses - and reconstruction for everyone surely - real estate-offer like:

Houses - Apartments - Rustics - Rurals - Trade-real estates - Properties - Singles-properties - Villas - Farms

Used-houses are however remaining the production and situation to wish from approximately 50.000 € with what by purchase leaves. That lies for a normal inhabitable house in beach-proximity Praise with approximately from 95.000 €, the borders upward is frankly and can also amount to 500.000 € already once.

The typically promised or appealed mediterranean house-building - construction

1 Ventilation /Acclimatization 26 House-all around-walk from concrete (on wish)
2 Hollow-brick-flattens to the formation of the roof-slant 27 Foundation from hard-concrete of different strengths and ground-nature
3 Insulating asphalt-covering and cement-layer under the roof covering 28 Air-chamber from insulation
4 Decorative wood-beams at the living room-blanket 29 Tiled with ceramics-tiles
5 Cement mortar-basis on insulating asphalt-covering 30 Hollow -flatten-ground
6 Pressure-concrete-layer on hollow-brick-plates of the roof covering 31 Cassette-wood-door
7 Cement-grounds on half round hollow block-stones 32 Inside-walls from 7 cm firm hollow-bricks
8 Formation the terrace-inclination with cell-cement 33 Floor-tiles from ceramics-plates
9 Solarium-grounds from Terracotta / tinplate 34 Air-chamber to the isolation between ground and ground-blankets
10 Reinforced concrete-ring beams to supporting the blanket with steel-network 35 Foundation-ditch
11 External wall-plaster for solarium 36 Concrete-blankets from reinforced concrete-bearers and cover-vaults with
12 Cement-layer under the floor-covering of the solarium 37 Hollow block-cement-stone
13 Insulating asphalt-covering for the solarium 38 Armouring -network
14 Roof-cover from Sicilian Roman tiles in cement-bed 39 Pressure-concrete-layer
15 Hollow-stones move to the air-circulation and support of the roof covering 40 Cement-basis
16 Cover-plaster-plaster 41 Insulating asphalt-covering against ascending moisture
17 Water rejecting plastic-colours 42 Double reinforced concrete-bearer, for example at windows
18 Cement mortar-layer 43 Terrace-grounds
19 Canopy 44 Wood-beams / corner-beam at the terrace-blanket
20 Window grilles 45 Terrace-hand-rails
21 Stairway-covering from terracotta 46 Round-bow-disguise
22 Duplicate-glass 47 Concrete-blankets from reinforced concrete-bearers or cover-vaults in
23 Sill from terrazzo 48 House-tour from concrete (on wish)
24 Natural stone-pedestals 49 Cousin-board from ceramics-stones
25 Internal wall from duplicate-hollow-bricks to the formation of the air-chamber 50 Open fireplace

Undeveloped building lots are enclosed approximately from 20,00 € / m²

You should have the wish however to buy an existing black-construction itself - that in masses is offered - we can be helpful you of course also with the additional authorization
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